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Drone Services

At HALair we have over 40 years of combined military experience in both specialist reconnaissance, anti aircraft and unmanned aerial system operation and have developed a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology to benefit industries for both commercial operators and the recreational drone user. HALair carries out a range of drone services. We are trained and qualified to operate multi-rotor systems as well as fixed wing drones. This means there is no drone task we are not in a position to take on. Our network of drone teams have experience in all commercial sectors so we guarantee we have a team for you.

Dynamic / Media Filming


We only use 4 or 6k cameras for our filming as we understand that the drone is just a tool to get the camera to the place it needs to be to capture that certain shot. Our Remote Pilots are responsible for the drone and our Camera Operators are responsible for the imagery. Our Camera Operators are professional camera people from the filming industry and have masses of experience to bring to your project. We operate a range of drone and camera combinations so that we can offer a cost effective service no matter the project. We are driven about our craft which is flying and bringing together art, innovation, technology and creativity to every shoot. Our drones are suitable for online or printed media, television or film industry and only offer the best service possible.



We understand your need for accuracy, reliability and professionalism. We bring over 2500 hours of UAS operations experience on 9 different UAS systems, multiple sensors and cameras types used and commercial operations in 3 countries and many different sites. We have developed procedures and systems that allow us to carry out offshore wind turbine, electricity pylon, and structural inspections using Unmanned Aerial Systems without our Remote Pilots and Camera Operators. We offer the Drone and Pilot team as a stand alone service also. This means that you can attach your inspectors to our pilot and have first hand access to the information. We have carried out inspections in a variety of locations including flying off the back of a supply vessel. All of our inspection teams have been trained in-house as well as to current CAA standards. We do this to ensure that no jobs are carried out without our absolute certainty of complete success. By conducting each flight procedurally our teams mitigate the risk of missing any important points of interest.

Our procedures have been developed using a mix of techniques taken from time carrying out offshore Oil and Gas Platform inspections, Ground Survey and 3d modelling tasks.



We use Pix4d amongst a range of software packages and sensor types to ensure we can survey the site you require to the highest level of accuracy. We will strive to plan our service, attend and complete the work at the minimum of intrusion for you or your team. We put mapping and modelling into your own hands for urban and rural planning, terrain modelling and large scale mapping. We do the work so that you don't have to risk using out-of-date information when the stakes are high. Other methods are available to survey your sites or produce 3d imagery but if you have a more cost effect and faster option why not use it? We can develop true ortho-mosaics, digital surface models and 3D models for further analysis, as outputs are compatible with GIS and other professional platforms.

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Employing the use of a drone fitted with a Near Infra Red (NIR) Cameras is the obvious next step after using satellite imagery to aide in precision agriculture. By analysing the spectral values of the NIR, Red and Green bands you can effectively identify problem areas within your crops. Based on this management zones are identified and pesticide/herbicide/nutrient recommendations are made when processed through our agricultural software. With this new process you can concentrate your efforts on the areas of concern, thus reducing your inputs and increasing your yields. Our data is stored securely online for you to download when required, it is compatible with most modern farming equipment and is the perfect way to lighten your load whilst building your margins.